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Growing up on a small farm just outside of Versailles, Ohio, Paul Rosewood had no idea how music would impact his life.  Starting by singing gospel songs in church and performing in his high school show choir, Paul was no stranger to the stage.  The young singer also participated in talent competitions such as, "Wish Upon A Song," "Ohio Has Talent," and "America's Got Talent," to name a few. In 2010, Paul, among three other young men, formed the band "Shelby County Line."  All under the age of 15, the band was put together by a local musical instructor by the name of Jeff King.  "Even though we did not always agree with him, he gave the guys and I something more than music. He gave us passion!" said Paul.  Over the next four years, Shelby County Line played shows all over the mid-west. During this time, one of the founding members of the band resigned. Yet, Paul and the other two front men prevailed. All of this paid off when PlayBack Records signed the band to their independent label.  The band then released their debut album in 2014, self-entitled "Shelby County Line."  The band also received recognition from magazines and radio stations all over the United States and parts of Europe for their album release. Over the following three years, the band continued to play shows across the mid-west opening for national acts like Travis Tritt, Rodney Atkins, Confederate Railroad, and Aaron Lewis.  Finally, in the summer of 2018, the journey of a lifetime for the three young men came to a close.


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During all his time with Shelby County Line, Paul also decided to pursue Telecommunications, with a focus in film, at Ball State University.  With only one year left of college and the band fading out, Paul knew he had to make some decisions as to what he wanted to do after graduation.

       It was then, Paul realized his journey of a life-time was not over, but was just beginning.  Now 22 years old, Paul knew it was time to make his move into the heart of the country music industry. The next step was not moving to Nashville, but rather to establish connections and become friends with people in the industry that would help him further his career. Becoming friends with Artist Development and Producer Jason Wyatt, Paul is continuing to grow and develop himself as a Country music artist.  Currently, he ventures to Nashville about once a month to attend meetings, co-write, record, and enjoy a beer with friends every once in a while. Paul is also working on  releasing new music to the general public in the coming months as well as gearing up for a mid-west tour. Stay tuned to see what Paul Rosewood has in store for the future!

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