Origin:  Ohio


Genres:  Country, Rock


Years Active:  2011- Present


Website: www.paulrosewood.com

Short Bio

Paul RoseWood is a new rising country music artist, based out of Nashville, TN.  He is blessed to be working with some of the best writers and producers in Nashville to bring new music to his fans in 2019.  Thanks to years of touring experience, Paul captivates audiences all over the country by continuing to take his live performances to a professional level.  In addition to his previous success, Paul has also just recently signed with Nashville Artist Development to advance him on his path to fame!  Aside from his time in the limelight, Paul is just a simple back-woods country boy at heart.



Set List

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Label: PAUL ROSEWOOD LLC | paulrosewood41@gmail.com


Management: Paul RoseWood | paulrosewood41@gmail.com


Booking:  jaluft66@gmail.com | paulrosewood41@gmail.com


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